ITEquals3 is gespecialiseerd in werving & selectie, sollicitatie coaching, loopbaan begeleiding en outplacement van ICT'ers


ICT talent moet je koesteren

Zoek je als ICT talent een nieuwe uitdaging? Wil jij ondersteuning van een betrokken en professionele recruiter?

Zoek je nieuwe ICT professionals voor je organisatie? Wil je de persoonlijke effectiviteit van een ICT medewerker optimaliseren?

ITEquals3 is al ruim 34 jaar het meest persoonlijke ICT werving & selectiebureau van Nederland.

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Business Development Manager

Jo- Ann helped me a great deal when I was in between employment in IT Sales, profiling myself for much more than just a job! She is a more than a matchmaker. She prepared me whilst making a next step and not without succes.


junior Outsystems consultant

Jo-Ann is a very invested person and helped me find a fitting job match.
After contacting ItEquals3 I was directly called (at that time by Gerard-Thijs) and a meeting was planned. Jo-Ann took the time to find out which companies would be a good fit, she has up to date knowledge about those companies, and gave guidance during the whole job application process.
It is this genuine personal touch and taking time for her clients that makes her an first-class recruiter and ItEquals3 an extraordinary recruitement agency.


Software developer / Applicatie beheerder

I had the privilege of working with Jo-Ann Priebee on a couple IT positions for a few companies. Jo-Ann Priebee is a very professional person with a great skill to analyze and summarize job descriptions and company profiles. Achievement oriented professional with the ability to help you make the right decisions. She denotes a strong experience in areas such as people management, business analysis and is a great motivator

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ICT Bootcamp Academy trainee Outsystems full stack software developer

Outsystems is hot en is de toekomst. 

Junior (ICT trainee Academy) Ontwikkelaars - Oracle, Java, C#, APEX en OpenSource

Wij zoeken aanstormend talent die opleidingen wil volgen om te blijven leren

Junior trainee Cloud Engineer - Systems Engineer - Technisch Applicatiebeheerder - AWS

Werken aan een stabiele Cloud en development omgeving